Jagdish and Geeta Chandra

Jagdish and Geeta Chandra are from New Deli, India

When they came to Australia they were well prepared for running a restaurant business.

Jagdish learned to cook in 5 Star Hotel "ASHOK" in New Delhi.

He traveled a lot around India and worked in Bangalore, Chandigrah and many other towns.

He spent few years in Europe working in Heidelberg, Bensheim, Stuttgart, Heidenheim in Germany.
He also worked as chef in Denmark and England.

Jagdish went through the school of Indian Tourism Development Corporation.

He cooked in 5 Star Hotels in Delhi: Ashok, Qutab, Hyatt Regency and others

Jagdish and Geeta have 3 kids who study in local primary school.

Owners are looking forward to work in the restaurant, so people could enjoy an Indian food and hospitality.